Laptop vs Desktop – Which is the Best Choices for you

Laptop vs Desktop – Which is the Best Choices for you :

Choosing Between Laptop and desktop pc are depending upon your needs. You can choose according to your work. These things depend on you: how much time you spend on your computer. Nowadays choosing between laptop and desktop is very tough because different types of technologies come in the market. This is depend on your individual needs. Which things do you need in your computer i.e Bigger Screen, Bigger Battery Lifetime, Heavy Duty, etc.

Laptop vs. Desktop: The Basic Division Back in 2008, laptop sales passed desktops for the first time, and portable devices have entrenched themselves even further as their power increased and prices dropped. Desktops have by no means disappeared, though. Like everything else in computing, the right choice depends on how you’re going to use the device. The general division between the two classes of computers goes like this:

  • Laptops: These are low in weight. You can take it anywhere in the world. Due to battery backup, you can use the laptop without electricity. Laptops take less space and you don’t need to buy a separate monitor. Laptops are used mostly used in light work.
  • Desktop: Desktops are heavy duty. These are mostly used in offices due to more work. The desktop is more powerful and heavy duty. They give more power at a lower cost. You can easily upgrade your desktop and they are easy to repair. That’s why serious gamers prefer to use heavy duty desktops.

Nowadays laptops can offer the same power and performance as you can get from any desktop.

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